Monday, December 30, 2013

PaK Nests

Here's one of my Christmas gifts this year. I wanted the terrain that comes with this set, but also needed the guns for future scenarios. These are German PaK nests from Battlefront Miniatures. The set actually comes with two Pak 38 and two PaK 40 guns, which makes it an excellent deal. You are only provided enough crew for two guns, but extra crewmen are cheap and easy enough to find.

I decided to do one of each gun, since I'm not using these for Flames of War but for Bolt Action in 15mm. I can also use the nests for other things like mortar or rifle pits. The bases fit in without any trouble, as you can see in the pictures.

I didn't flock the pits, since it's supposed to represent overturned earth, and also because flock makes a mess after constant handing. I'm expecting to get a lot of use out of those nests.

 Again no great shakes, but since this was in keeping with the season thought I'd cram one last entry in before the year-end wrap-up post. I'm not going to get anything else done before the end of the year, so this is it.  Particularly the last third of 2013, it has been a year for 15mm WW2!

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