Saturday, December 7, 2013

WW2 Pacific Theater Buildings

Quick update this week. I have painted two buildings for the Pacific war. None of my planned scenarios need buildings, but I'm thinking ahead to after this is done. I also have a Saipan campaign book (30 scenarios!) that needs buildings, and I may play some of that one day.

So here are two buildings from Peter Pig. One is a standard "Burmese jungle" style building. The other is the "Poor Samurai" building. I did not order the samurai building, and it was shipped to me in place of the other jungle building. However, I thought I could use this in Okinawa scenarios and so held on to it.  I'll probably continue to paint the samurai building, finishing the exterior framing.

I put some of my Battlefront US leaders next to them for size. (I also painted those three models this week.)  You can see that even with the large size of the Battlefront models they scale nicely. The buildings themselves are nicely done, with removable roofs. However, you can't put anything inside of them.

The jungle building is on metal pylons. You can either glue them on or not, and I elected to leave mine unattached. The two stairs are metal and I also left them unglued. The building has some neat details. After I stared painting it, I noticed coils of rope and a line of fish hung out to dry. It looks better in life than it does in these pictures.

So now I have the start of a small village. I'll get the other samurai building and jungle building from Peter Pig, then look to expand from there.

After completing my big project to get all my IJA and US Marines painted, I was left feeling flat. I wanted to keep going and didn't know what to do next. It's the law of inertia at work: I just wanted to keep painting WW2 models.

I had a blister of 37mm US Anti Tank guns hanging around, and so got to work on them. Since I play only platoon sized skirmishes, I don't really need two AT guns. So I committed a "mini sacrilege" and painted one gun team as US Marines. Not exactly the same uniforms but hunkered behind their gun you can't really tell.

So there you have it. I think I'm now over that inertia and ready to start painting something else. I have a heap of Reaper Bones to work on, and they're up next.

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