Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reaper Bones and Warlord Thoughts

I took a short break in the 20mm WW2 project to paint more from my pile of Reaper Bones. No matter how much I pull out of that box, it is still full. I'll be getting another box just like it this Fall too! Anyway, I rummaged around for some Elves and here's what I found.

I just felt like painting bright and colorful, so High Elvish heroes fit that bill. I got hold of a pot of GW's specialty paint for creating a patina on metal, and you can see it on the Elf King's shield. It worked out nice, though it needs to be applied with some thought. I sloshed it on, which was okay but not as good as it could be. I imagined he's carrying some ancient, magic shield. It was a great excuse not to paint the detailed peacock.

What I didn't realize at the time was the two females are Warlord hero models. I have been giving a lot of thought to trying that game, particularly because I love the figures. I've also heard second edition was a huge improvement over first. As I dug into it, I realized not only do I have a ton of Warlord models in my collection, I actually have a complete Black Orc faction fully painted and ready to go!

Without realizing, I also have a functional Necropolis army (undead) that only needs a few more models to reach the recommended 1,000 point game size. I have almost all of it in Bones, too, or in metals that I painted for Song of Blades and Heroes a while ago.

The only challenge is I have a mix of square and round bases. I don't think it will make too much of a difference, really. Visually it looks a bit weird. I'll live with it.

I found the beta test rules and walked through them. The game is pretty solid, though there's some strangeness in the way troops are organized and activate. I really liked it and ordered both books (2nd Ed rules and Savage North expansion). I will also start building toward some other factions. It fills that niche LotR SBG vacated when it got screwy new books that jacked up the game. In fact, this has a higher fantasy feeling than LotR, which I love.

For now it's back to building my 20mm WW2 Americans. However, expect more Reaper Bones and Warlord updates interspersed.


Da Green Skins said...

I played Warlord a few times and have some old forces sitting around. It was a fun game but I never picked up second edition. Your collection is looking nice one day you might finish it.

Jerry said...

Thanks, Mike! I hope to finish this collection in my lifetime. I'd have to paint something like 20 models a week to finish this box before the next Kickstarter arrives.

The 2nd ed Warlord rules are out there for free, at least the beta rules. If you ever want to try the updated Warlord game, let me know.

eriochrome said...

I got the same pile at my place with the next due in October or November if I recall correctly. I will look at the Warlord rules as I was looking for something to do with them. I had thought of using them to round out wotc chainmail forces but can dual use them.

I was sort of surprised the reaper did not do any rule cross over in the kickstarter as you have 20K people getting sets you could jump start a player base that way.

eriochrome said...

I was skimming the rules last night and the game seems sort of a hybrid skirmish/battle game. First reaper bones set seems light on the troopers you need for the forces. Lots of warlords, captains, and solitaries. The next set has some more basic guys but will still leave a need for troopers.

I do like the damaging a model affects in stats though. That is similar to those click bases from the prepainted games that I never got into since I hate random pack/buy lots to get a few good models structure.

Jerry said...

@eriochrome: Thanks for the comments. The troopers are the difficult part of things for some of the factions. You don't get a lot of those in Bones. However, some factions like Undead will have lots of zombies and skeletons.

The Black Orcs are almost totally Bones models.

Here's a link discussing Bones proxies for Warlord.

Like you, I also like how damage affects models performance. It's a bit of bookkeeping but the game isn't so large that it's hard to do. I just used small beads to mark wounds/damage tracks.