Saturday, June 21, 2014

Relic Knights Kickstarter

Nearly two years after my I confirmed my pledge, Relic Knights Kickstarter has arrived! It came yesterday but I didn't have time to look through the contents of the box until this morning. It has been so long I nearly forgot what I chose.

Click for a larger picture.

This picture shows two starter factions with a bonus choice each, hardback rulebook, tokens, card deck (the game is card-driven; no dice involved), various scenic bases of different sizes, an autographed litho, and a couple of other things I don't yet understand.

The two factions I selected were Cerci Speed Circuit (think anime boobs) and The Noh Empire (think anime demons). I mostly based my choices on the looks of the models. I've no idea how these will play in the game.

This Kickstarter experience has left me with a few questions. As far as the execution of it, I have few complaints. Really it just took twice as long to get my stuff, but that's it. Cool Mini Or Not sent me everything I selected and throughout the delays they sent constant updates on progress. In fact one of the highlights of getting this KS package is I will no longer get email updates.

My real hesitation is that this KS represents my gaming interests from nearly two years ago. I've moved on and am hardly playing minis games anymore. I'm doing mostly boardgames and Magic the Gathering as far as my weekly gaming goes. I do have some miniatures stuff going on, mostly with my Reaper stuff and Bolt Action / WW2 projects. I don't know how much I really want out of Relic Knights at this point. At the time, I thought I'd be playing this 5-6 times a year and would like having the models to paint. Now, it might get to the table at some point, and I'll still paint the models. But I've got so much else in front of it.

So that's my experience with Kickstarter. The delay between "buying" and receiving the items creates the risk that I might move on in my interests by the time I get my stuff. That has been the case with Relic Knights. Still, I think CMON did a great job with this and provided excellent communication throughout, and from that perspective I am satisfied with the experience.


Da Green Skins said...

Hey Jerry I saw some of the guys building their models at the shop. They look interesting but not sure if it is my game. I understand what you mean about KS. I have backed a few projects and I am not sure my excitement will be the same when I get the product in my hands.

Jerry said...

Glad to see it's getting some support locally. At this point not sure if it's my game too! Anyway, the models do look cool and I can always re purpose them.

This is the second KS I did, and I learned a lot from it. I'm not really a venture capitalist and far more of a gamer. I probably should've waited for this to release and bought into it if I had the interest. Live and learn.

Da Green Skins said...

The problem with KS is there is no accountability. The company can say the game will be out in Dec 2013 and not get it out till Dec whenever. I backed Roboteck and Arena Rex and I don't plan to see any of their product till end of this year or next year. I am working with a guy on a KS and our main focus is having everything done and ready for print before we launch. This way we will not have year long delays. By the way my days off are going to be changing and I will be off on Saturdays. Maybe we can get some games in.

Jerry said...

That's exactly it. Technically I'm accepting that risk when I sign up, but it still stinks when I expect something by a certain date and it is missed by a mile.

Good hear about your new availability on Saturday!

James Cruz said...

If you want to sell your Noh Empire and the Darkspace Zineda stuff let me know.

Email me at