Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ninja Maniac Salad

If you saw that listed on a menu, wouldn't you want to order it?  What would you expect to arrive at your table? What would be the right dressing for it?  I'm not much of a food adventurer.  But even I'd want to know what that's about. 

While you're thinking about those answers, here are some ninja models that I painted for Legends of the Rising Sun.  About the easiest damn models I ever painted.  But what's with the guy on the ground?  He'll be perfect for a true line of sight game like LotRS!


Tim Kulinski said...


Those look good, I think the guy on the ground is supposed to be climbing on a wall or roof. Olny you would think to use him as a prone model! LOL

Jerry said...

Well, I can always lean him up against a wall if needed. I thought about that, but didn't want to model a wall. Besides, walking around with a bit of wall on him is just as strange as crawling everywhere!