Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Gamers, Phase Four

At last we come to the end of the painting challenge that has been a "Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Gamers."  I'm updating my Rivendell Elves to their final 700 point total.  Here they are posing for a group photo.
There are a total of 50 models present, coming to 692pts.  I couldn't squeeze in those final eight!  The disordered mess you see above is not much different than what I've been building all along.  I just add more of the same guys each month.  In the list is Elrond, 17 swordsmen, 16 spearmen, 16 archers.  Viola!  If I dropped Elrond I could force in about 12-13 more Elves.  But at 700 pts I'd have practically nothing to deal with the big boys I'd face at that level.  Additionally I don't want to play 700pt slug-fests, so no point in tweaking the list.

We haven't been getting in many games with these armies.  As a result, the few games I've played have been not so good.  I'm last in the competition.  So my dreams of being treated to a gigantic sirloin at one of Phoenix's most exclusive steakhouses is all but destroyed.  Looks like I'll be buying someone sushi.  I'll just have a soda.

There you have it!  I'm glad to have a new army for LotR.  Elves are definitely challenging to play and run counter to how I've played any other army in any system before.  I'm a "horde army/life is cheap" player mostly.  So defensively minded Elves are a new twist on things for me.  I'll hopefully get more table time with these Elves over the rest of the year.


Drunken Samurai said...

Nice work! Don't worry we still need to get in the 525 and 700 point games. You might still turn things around.

Da Green Skins said...

Very nice army and I can't wait to play you at 700 points. I will bet getting some more models painted tonight and should have my army done by next week. Congrats on being the first one done, you are a winner.

Jerry said...

Thanks guys! Despite everything I've said about these Elves, I am truly interested in learning to play them better.