Saturday, August 20, 2011

Project Tau: Kroot

A few months back I decided to go all in for a Tau army.  I got some bonus money and spent a portion of it on buying models that I needed to go from a few units to a complete force.  Trouble arrived shortly thereafter.  I started buying lots of other models.  I became distracted while the Tau sat in their boxes.  I recently decided that this had to change.

I have a lot of projects going on and the Tau project is probably the biggest.  Assembling these models would take me months at my glacial pace.  Then they have to be based, primed and then painted.  This project would never get done.  Time to call a professional. I sent my models over to Saguaro Painting Service, not for painting but for assembly.  Tim had the entire Battle Force box, two Piranhas, and a Hammehead Gunship turned around in less than a two days.  Talk about fast service!  Now all I have to do is paint this stuff.

First up from the Battle Force box are the Kroot.  I love the looks of these guys!  Kermit the Frog meets Predator!
I used Reaper paints mostly, specifically the Olive Drab Triad for their skin tones.  I really like this for green skin tones.  I wish I had those paints when I did my WHFB Orc army.  Any future green skin types will probably be painted in this scheme.  Here's a closer look at them.

I added a Shaper and some Kroot Hounds to go with these guys.  It only makes sense and fits the fluff.  I varied the green used for the Kroot Hounds.  I didn't think they should be the same color as the Kroot themselves, like you see in the Codex.  Could you imagine flesh colored dogs?  Too weird!

I painted the Tau Sept colors of Ice Blue on Kroot shoulder pads to tie them in with the Tau army.  Though you can't see it on the Kroot Hounds, I painted their eyes the same color.  So everything in the army will have a touch of that color to relate them all.

Here's an Abbey Road style shot of the Shaper with some of his band mates. 

That's all for now.  There is so much detail on these models that painting it all takes quite some time.  I think I'll tackle some of the vehicles next when I return to the Tau.   In the meantime, I'll be moving on to something else for a little break.


Tim Kulinski said...

They look good man, nice to see them painted up.

Drunken Samurai said...

The Kroot have always been some of my favorite GW figures. At one time I had planned on a Kroot Merc army but I never got around to it. I love what you have done with these guys. I have a bunch of Kroot bits and probably enough stuff to build a few models. Let me know if you need anyting.

Scott said...

Nice work. Interestingly those Kroot type figures also get a lot of interest from the VSF / Steampunk community, as they make for very useful generic martian types too! Try pitching them against some Colonial Brits in Pith Helms and Redcoats for something a bit different! You could use a Legends variant rule set or something like Gaslight, which I'm currently exploring

Jerry said...

Thanks all! I do like the looks of these Kroot. I can definitely see how they'd make good "martians" as well.

@DS: I don't think I need any bits now. But an all Kroot Merc force would be very cool. They really should have their own codex.