Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dark Elf Heroes

As I promised in my last post, I completed a few Dark Elf heroes to lead my Kings of War Twilight Kin army. I also painted 4 replacement Witch Elves for old school Witch Elves mixed into my unit. I managed to find a few of the metal blisters of the new sculpts for a good price on Chaos Orc Superstore.  I love that place.  I didn't bother taking pictures of the four witch elves.  But below are the two new leaders.

Up first is the Lokhir Fellheart model.  I'll be using him as a Twilight Kin lord. I dispensed with all the fancy sword painting that GW does, going with a basic metallic. I gave his helmet a few washes of brown and green to make it look old.  I think it came out nice. 

Next is a Dark Elf Sorceress. She'll play the same role in my Twilight Kin army. I gave her colors that tie in to the spearmen's shields. She came out nice, I think. I have her the typical "Drow" treatment that I've given to all of my models.  She just exposes enough hair and flesh for you to see it.

I'm going to work on something else next.  When I return to the Twilight Kin, it will be to complete a 20 man unit of crossbowmen and some cavalry.  But I want to do something else for now.  I just haven't figured out what that is yet.

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