Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dark Elf Spearmen

While I haven't been posting up much, I've still been busy with my various miniatures projects. I've had a lot less time to work on models than I'm used to having. So my output has decreased. But today I put finishing touches on more of my Dark Elf / Twilight Kin forces.  While these are GW dark elf models, they work perfectly for Kings of War Twilight Kin, which is what I'm planning. Here are two core units of 20 spearmen each.

I've tried to stay away from the purple and black color scheme that seems "dark elf standard" these days. I've gone for a pale gray green with subdued darker greens and dull reds. I've also been painting their flesh with Reaper's Dark Elf Skin triad, and it works great. The old school GW models even show hair, so that got painted white. Hopefully they look like Drow!

Here are a few sample models I pulled out.

The lot of dark elf models I bought earlier this year actually came with printed banners on adhesive paper. I only got one but liked the looks of it. Most modeled banners looks so heavy, or you get the banner hanging in the faces of other models. This one bends back naturally to get out of a neighboring model's way. I wish all banners were like that. But I also understand the challenge and rewards of hand painting your own banner. I thought about doing that for my other unit. Maybe some other time.

I have one more "core unit" for the Twilight Kin force and that is 20 crossbowmen.  From there I can work on specialty units. Up next immediately are 4 witch elf replacements for the old school witch elves I have. Then I'll paint up two characters to lead the army. After that I'll probably move on to a different project for a while.