Sunday, August 19, 2012

US M10 Tank Destroyers

I have bags of 15mm WW2 US forces sitting on my table, just waiting for assembly and paint. I like painting US armor and vehicles, as there's nothing much to it.  These M10 tank destroyers are from Old Glory's Command Decision line.  They went together easily and the paint job was quick. 

There are a few more models than I need to make a single TD unit.  I'll be using four in a Flames of War army, and the other two can sit with my individually based 15mm WW2 armies. I just need to put together a few more jeeps to complete a mid-war TD platoon, or I could get the armored cars for a late war force.

So that was a nice, quick project. I'm not sure what I'll move onto next.


Tim Kulinski said...


Nice work man, I love painting American armor as well. Good job man, keep it up! By the way, when are we going to play some games?

Scott said...

Nice job Jerry, they look cool, and will no doubt serve you well.
I have to say they always make my Panthers twitch, about advancing in to the unknown, fearing and an m10 ambush at any moment!

Da Green Skins said...

You rock Jerry, can't wait to play against you.

Jerry said...

Thanks guys!