Saturday, March 1, 2014

1/600 Scale Japanese Planes

Now that the Olympics are done, I'm able to return to my hobby table and get some painting done. The prior two weeks were utterly consumed with my watching sports that I never think about except every four years. It was fun, but time to get serious again!

Here are the Imperial Japanese Navy planes for the planned Guadalcanal campaign.

This completes what I need for just about all scenarios, except one. I still need to get a few more planes for that one scenario. The green planes are ten GM4 Betty bombers. They're good sized planes even in this scale.
The white planes are twelve classic A6M Zeroes. Their color is not actually white, but a very light tan that unfortunately looks white in these pictures...even in real life too. Not sure what happened, but I think the contrast with the black cowl makes them look lighter.
My decals arrived from Dom's Decals in the UK. I was quite nervous about putting them on, but in the end it wasn't so bad. They are not individual decals on the sheet, so you might see some shine from the clear transfer paper in these pictures. Overall they look nice, and I'll re-do my US planes with the decals.

So now all I have to do is learn how to play Check Your Six, and these planes will take to the air over Guadalcanal!


Tim Kulinski said...


Nice setof planes man, look forward to seeing them in action!

Jerry said...

Thanks, Tim!

Braxen said...

It may be a bit late, but to avoid the shine effect you need to apply a gloss varnish on top of them, then mat varnish.

Try it out next project.

Good job on the planes!