Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Operation Bagration: Germans

I'm still planning on playing through the Operation Bagration campaign byBritton Publishers.  I have to build the entire Russian force from the ground up. So I thought it would be easier first to tackle the additional German units I need for the campaign.

Basically I needed more tanks and other vehicles. I was a bit lazy in researching camo patterns and colors for this campaign. I just did everything to match what I already own. Here's the run down of what I've added.

There are Peter Pig and Battlefront models.  The four soldiers tossing grenades are Peter Pig models. These were not necessary for the planned campaign, but I had the models handy and so painted them. The motorcycle troops are from Battlefront. I have three more in the blister, but since they were a pain in the ass to assemble, I won't bother until I need them. Finally, there's a Kubelwagen from Peter Pig. It had a bunch of interchangeable heads, which was cool. So I made it like a command vehicle, with the brass riding in the back.

This is just a better shot of the motorcycle and Kubelwagen.  Now on to the self-propelled guns.

Both are Battlefront models, with a Hornisse on the left and a Marder III on the right. Interestingly, the campaign book called for a Nashhorn, which I could not find anywhere. Turns out the Hornisse is basically the same thing. Who said miniature gaming was not educational!

More Battlefront tanks here, with a Panzer III on the left and a Tiger I E on the right. The Tiger had a lot of bits to it and no instructions. I was surprised I figured out the assembly on my own. Usually I end up with spare parts that I should not have.

At last we have two Panther G models from Peter Pig. These tanks absolutely suck. They suck hard. They were very expensive, and not worth what I paid. First, there is a visible gap between tracks and hull. I mean light shines through. Next, the turrets don't fit into the hull properly, and one I jammed in so tightly it can no longer move. That's after trying to file the hole larger. Lastly, no amount of glue holds these together. I've scrubbed them down so there's no residue, used a gallon of superglue, and they still fall apart on touch. I hate these models but I'm stuck with them now. Stay away from these.

So there are all the extra Germans I needed to play the Operation Bagration campaign. I won't just use these for the campaign, of course, as they all have application in other games. They were mostly fun to paint. I used Plastic Soldier Company's spray paint for these to speed up the process.  Their German tank colors are too bright for me, but once I apply a wash they look a lot better.

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