Saturday, March 29, 2014

Judge Dredd: Mega City One Judges

I can't claim to have been a longtime Judge Dredd fan. I was familiar with the comic during my college days, but back then it was hard to get where I lived. However, I really enjoyed the last Judge Dredd movie that came out a few years ago. Anyway, when I saw Warlord was making a game out of it I was interested. I did nothing about it until I saw the hardback rule book at the Gathering in the Desert event last month. It looked so interesting that I finally decided to get the Judge Dredd starter set.

I haven't read the rulebook yet, but it looks great. I'm particularly interested in the campaign system. I'm expecting to really enjoy collecting this game!  Without further ado, here's how my Mega City Judges turned out.

I kept the loud, comic book style colors. Really, there is no other choice as then it wouldn't look too much like Judge Dredd. I did have some room for interpretation, and added a few nonstandard color choices. The starter adds in an extra figure you can't get anywhere else for both the Judges and the Street Gang factions.  Let's go through what these models represent.

The two on the left must be "riot police" type of judges. The big, gold "riot" lettering on their helmets is a dead giveaway. One has a riot shield, and constantly topples over, and the other has riot foam. I was hoping for a flame-thrower.  The other is a street judge with a pistol.

The two on the left are cadet judges, so I assume they have crappy stats. The far right is a Psi Judge. I've no idea how psychic powers work in game, but the model looks suitably "magical" for its purpose.

Lastly we have three street judges. The center judge is the model that comes with the starter set as an exclusive (I think it's exclusive, anyway). The far right is the only model with the option for a weapon. I made a very gamy, min/max decision for this. I gave him the weapon that was easiest to glue onto his arm.

So there you have it. I've got the street gang models on the table next. I'm not sure I can bring myself to use the outrageous paint schemes, but when would I ever have the chance to use my fluorescent paints if not on these. Once the gang models are all painted, I'd like to take the game for a spin to see how it plays.


Da Green Skins said...

Hey Jerry those models look great. A few people at the shop play JD and seem to like it. I am holding off on picking it up but once you get your stuff painted we should play.

Jerry said...

Thanks Mike, it seems like a solid game. We should definitely give it a try soon.