Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nova Corp Security Force

As promised, here are the Reaper Bones models I worked on last week. I got an extra set of these models with the Kickstarter, figuring they'd make some good generic sci-fi models. I think I added a blister of three extras to beef up the size of the squad to fourteen.

The color scheme was inspired by a Ford Mustang I see in the parking lot at work everyday. It's black with a vibrant blue stripe running through it, and quite impressive. Anyway, I swiped it for these models, adding in some dark gray for the fabric portions of the armor. They have something that looks like a bedroll on their backs. It was really strange, and not having any fluff to fall back on, I really didn't know what it was. I painted it a green-brown color and called it a day. Who know what it really is?

Weapons all seem the same, though several models are in unique poses. The bare-headed guys can be squad leaders and the dude pointing can represent a senior leader. I gave the pointing guy a different colored badge to denote a different status.

Not much else I can say about these guys. I don't have any immediate plans for them, but felt like tackling these models as I work through my Kickstarer box. At this point I realize it won't be finished before the next one arrives, but I still plan to take a good bite out of it before it does.

That's it for now. After taking a break from 15mm WW2 I think it's time to start working on my Operation Bagration stuff. I've got a lot to work through on that project as well.


Josh McCarthy said...

Thanks for sharing these. I picked up some to use as Stormtroopers for my Imperial Guard force. I had the same thought about the bedroll thingy... I might end up cutting/sanding the backpacks off and greenstuff something else back there.

Jerry said...

Thanks Josh. The BOnes stuff is really easy to cut, so you should be able to do something with them. I'm just too lazy!

torontosecuritycompany said...

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