Monday, July 4, 2011

Building a Gaming Table, the Final Outcome

At last the table is completed and in the house!  Tim and his son came over this morning to help move it inside and attach the top to the base.  It looks absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to get some gaming done on the new surface.  Tim had me throw a die on the table for good luck. I got a "4", which was pretty encouraging. 

I had to hit it with some touch-up paint to cover some of the mistakes.  It's funny because every time I look at it or see a new picture of it, the table looks like it needs more touch-up.  I have a big storage compartment underneath it, and I'm going to plan how to use it best.  I'm terrible at taking advantage of space.  For one, I'm putting as many of my armies into stacking boxes as I possibly can.  I have too many metal tool boxes, etc, that don't stack well.

Anwyay, here's a shot of the table in the front room.  Overall I think it looks great.  I just need to buy a few bar stools to sit on while gaming. 

I'm glad this is done!  Thanks a million to Tim and Mike for building me this great table.  I'm looking forward to plenty of fun games with it.  Now I just have to build terrain to put on it!  Stay tuned!


Drunken Samurai said...

Looks great!

Tom O said...

Looks too good to use Jerry...send it over to my place :-)

Jerry said...

Thanks guys! I'm really happy with the way it all came out.