Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WWII Americans

In my last post, I promised a battle rep for SBH.  However, I'm going to jump this in front of that planned post.  Here are my WWII Americans, two squads with a 60mm mortar team and a LMG team.

Here are some shots of the individual units.

I painted these as Rangers, as you might be able to tell from the small blue "Rangers" diamond patches I put on their left shoulders.  I'm thinking these guys fall into the 2nd Ranger Battalion that was active from D-Day on.  Rangers were also active in the CBI theater as well.  While these models probably don't reflect jungle gear, I don't really care.  They've got the patch!

I wanted to post these pictures because I'm well on my way to finishing my second unit of Germans.  I wanted to show the completed "first wave" of US forces before the Germans.  I'll finish the German force and then return to the US force.  I have a 1/60 scale Stuart tank, HMG team, and some flamer throwers & snipers to fill out the rest of the force.  Once that's done, I'll either take a break from WW2 or jump into my Japanese forces.  I'll just have to gauge my desire for that when I get there.  The Japanese are the most numerous, numbering about 50-60 models.  I just bought the entire line to save myself the trouble of buying more at a later date.

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Tim Kulinski said...


Those Americans look good buddy, we will have to get them on your table to play a few games.

Keep up the great work man.