Sunday, July 3, 2011

Building a Gaming Table with Extra Drama

Not more than one day with my new table, and drama strikes!  The action is supposed to happen on the table, not to the table.  Here's what I found when I entered the garage yesterday while enjoying my cup of morning coffee.

That beautiful pine finish was warping and bowing out!  The finely joined edges were pulling apart.  So after a good five minutes of strongly wishing I wasn't seeing this, I sent these pictures to the experts.  Mike and Tim conferred on matters and suggested I try a few things.  In the meantime, I sanded the base for painting and tried not to act too weepy.

This morning Tim came by with his friend, Mike Pop (not sure on the spelling of his last name).  Mike P is a professional carpenter.  In about two minutes he essentially told me I was hosed.  Pine is not a good choice for drier than hell Arizona.  He graciously offered to take the top back to his shop and put on some MDF siding.

I was expecting Mike to slap on some basic siding and call it done.  I hadn't expected all the incredible work he put into it.  He didn't have enough MDF to make strips of the right size, so he actually joined two pieces together.  It was amazing; I can't even tell where the joins are now.  Then he sanded everything down and rounded the edges.  Here's what those table edges look like after Mike finished.

MDF will stay straight and true for the life of the table.  So rather than try to make the pine work, going to the MDF at this stage was the right thing to do.  Mike P is an awesome guy, and like Tim and Mike W he donated his time and effort to my table.  He's not even a gamer! 

So Tim and I took it back to the house and after doing some other stuff in the afternoon (like getting lunch!), we came back and started painting.  Tim helped me with getting down the base coats for the trim.  Then he took off for the day.  I stayed at it to finish painting the second coats on the trim and the first coats of the top and panels.  A dust storm blew through while I was painting inside the box.  I had my garage door open and crap got all over the sides!  I had to pick out the big stuff.  It doesn't look too bad.

Here's what I've got so far.

Those edges don't look too shabby now, do they?!  I've got touch up painting to do and a second coat for all the light colors.  But I'll get that done tomorrow morning.  Tim volunteered to come by and help me move it into the house.  It only weights a ton, now that I've added all that MDF siding.  By tomorrow night I should have a gaming table in my house!  Woot!  I'll post up when the table lands in its final destination.


Tim Kulinski said...

Wow man the colors look great buddy. Just need to do some touch up and we will be good to go. I will have my son over to help tomorrow call me in the AM.

Adelaide Gamer said...

Very very nice. Aren't people just wonderful, sometimes! As to the grits from the dust storm, they'll always remind you of the story of creation.

Da Green Skins said...

That table turned out great. I can't wait to see it in your house and play some games on it.

Inhir said...

Wow Jerry that looks fantastic now i can't wait to get mine done