Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Gamers, Phase Three

July is here and that means I've got to post up my 525pt list of Elves.  We're going all the way to 700pts at 175 increments.  So next month will be the final force.   This month comes with yet more change ups to the force.  I've dropped the Stormcaller and added in Elrond.  It make sense to bring him in at this time.  He costs 170 points on his own!  So to fill in some holes to get to the full 525 points I added in two each of Spears, Warriors, and Bows.  Here they are.
Not a lot of models here, as Elrond soaks up a huge chunk of the army's cost.  As I said, everyone else is going with a horde army.  So I have to keep up the numbers.  Otherwise, I'd have kept the Stormcaller in the list.  Elrond got a little extra attention.  Here he is.

I went with my own colors for him. This was also the first time I used Reaper paint triads.  It made the shadowing and highlighting on the hair and cape very straight forward.  The colors of the model are fairly accurate, while the background grass looks like it needs watering.  Don't know what happened there.

So I'm dead last in the challenge.  We were supposed to play games at each point level against one another.  But that's proving too hard to coordinate.  So I lost my one official game and that puts me in last place.  However, I've been getting in games with these Elves "unofficially."  I'm still not very accustomed to their style, but am getting better.

I clobbered a newcomer to the game last week.  I was rather hoping I'd enjoy my usual combination of poor strategy and bad dice rolling.  That would probably ensure the new guy had fun.  As it was I could roll nothing but sixes and wiped him away like a sandcastle on the beach.  Too bad I'll never see that again when I need it. And I likely soured a new player on the game.  Elves!  Can't win with them, can't throw a game with them!


manchester said...

I loved the movie and want to play the game also...can you help me find it and can you tell me where can i get this!!

Jerry said...

@manchester: Just go the the GW website and get the starter game.

Here's the link: