Monday, July 18, 2011

WWII Germans

Here's my nascent collection of Axis 28mm figures for WW2, the Germans.

I've been relatively busy this month with painting!  My family has been out of town, leaving me plenty of time to get figures completed.  So here are three squads of German riflemen and associated support teams.  Below are some detailed shots of the squads.

So that's a pretty good base of Germans to start with.  The squad on the top has both Panerfaust and Panzerschreck.  I sort of stuck that squad together with left overs.  So now for some of the other teams.

Don't ask me why I stuck the 81mm mortar on a square base.  I thought I had some plan about mounting the figures on square bases to stick around the mortar.  Then I got over-zealous and mounted everything on rounds.  So much for ingenious planning.

Here you have an MG34 team.  Standing beside them is a sniper.  These should both help up the suppression factor on the battlefield.

Lastly here are a few different angles on the PaK 40 75mm anti-tank gun.  I really liked the way the gun came out.  It was refreshing to paint something where neatness didn't count.

So that's it for WW2 for a bit.  I have about 60 Japanese infantry to paint yet.  But I want to work on some stuff for SBH and maybe start filling in holes in my Tau army.  I also have to re-visit my US force and add in some more units as well.  My paint brushes are going to stay warm for a while!


Matt D said...

I like them, The Pak40 looks real good.

Jerry said...

Thanks Matt! I enjoyed painting that piece in particular.