Sunday, September 4, 2011

Evil Dead!

Why I'm not as productive as I used to be
Miniature painting this week has been a slow affair, very hit or miss.  I'm learning what it means to have a child involved with high school sports.  Combined with ever lengthening work days, free time is not what it was a few short weeks ago.  But I'm still plugging away, this week setting my goals on easy to do items.  Hence, I worked on completing my undead warband for Song of Blades and Heroes.  Check out the sweet zombie action.

These are Reaper zombies.  They come three to a pack.  I really liked the looks of them, particularly the female model.  Her back foot has come off and she's pitching forward.  The zombie in the middle is ripped across the midsection and his spine has popped out his back.  I can empathize with that, sitting in an office chair all day.

Next up is a Reaper ghoul from the Warlord line.
He's a little bit on the small side for me.  I painted him along with the three zombies all in one go.  He's  a pretty cool looking model.  I debated skin tones, and then just settled on the sickly green thing.  It works.

I have a vampire leading my undead warband.  I wanted to show the vampire's traditional hold over wolves, bats, and vermin in my list.  So here are a few additions to reflect that.

These are Reaper rat swarms that come two per package.  The picture came out like crap and I'm too lazy to retake it.  Since it's just a jumble of pink tails, rat bodies, and beady red eyes, I figured there's not much worth looking at here.  Moving along.....

These are Reaper's Dire Wolves, also two per package.  These look really nice, and even better in person.  The fur texture is really right on and the faces are nicely sculpted.  Also, since these are dire wolves, they stand fairly high.  They come up to about shoulder height of a man-sized model.  I'm tempted to model more of these and add in some wolves for an all animal warband.

So that was all I got done this week.  I was glad to complete the undead warband, and put these guys on the table tonight for a play test.  I actually wrangled my son into pushing the models around for a bit, which was a nice change of pace from solo gaming SBH.  He played Dwarfs, which are insanely over-powered in SBH.  At least I think they are.

I learned that painting up zombies was a waste of time.  At Q6+ they never activate.  Mine just stood at the starting line and never moved.  Though, for 7pts each, they are a cheap way to keep your army from breaking.  Just hide them out of sight and never activate them.  Cheesy? Why I agree!  The rest of my undead flew around causing terror that the dwarfs laughed off.  Then all my guys died for real this time.

We played a Legions of Middle Earth scenario, Seize the Prize, which worked great in this format.  My rat swarms actually unearthed the prize and got it off the board.  So it was a minor victory for the Undead.  I'll have to re-think this list, or stop playing against dwarfs!  Anyway, that's all for now.

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