Saturday, September 17, 2011

Temple of Skulls, The Other Kind of Church

Keeping with my religiously themed terrain project, this week I introduce my take on the Temple of Skulls.

This is a really nice piece of terrain that will work great in any fantasy themed game (OK, maybe not LotR) or part of a WH40K game.  I really like the details that went into this model.  It really gives the feel of a decrepit, collapsing temple to some evil power.

I did a slightly different take on the colors that were given on the kit's box.  I think the GW treatment made it look too bright, like a McDonald's Playland that fell to Chaos.  Not that my take is "all that" but I liked the more muted and mysterious colors.  I was going for the look of something forgotten and left to the ravages of the elements.

As a side note, I only used Americana paints on this model.  In fact, I use Americana paints on all my terrain.  I really like these paints, and find them fairly comparable in working qualities to the "serious" paints.  They do take a few coats for even coverage, though.  But they come in giant bottles and the paint doesn't dry out.  I'm still using paints I bought back in 2003!  So overall they're still a great value.

I also completed some craters from GW's Moonscape pack. 
As far as holes in the ground go, they're nice.  I tried to give each crater a different look, as if some are newer and some older.  I don't know if that really comes across.

Next up is the Arcane Ruins set, which should go fast.  I also ordered a couple of boxes of GW's trees.  Then after that I think I'll take a break from terrain to get back to my minis.


Drunken Samurai said...

I love the temple! Wait 'til you see mine.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Very nice indeed - I'd like to use pone of these for a Blood Bowl team dugout. cheers!

Tim Kulinski said...


It looks good man, the temple has a very cool (as in cold) look to it. Man, with Rob working on his temple, I should bust out mine and get it finished.

But good work my friend!

Craig Welter said...

That Temple of Skulls looks amazing! Any chance you'll do a painting tutorial on how you got such good results?

Jerry said...

Thanks everyone!

@Tim: It's actually warmer than the picture makes it seem. I took the picture next to an open window and I think the reflected daylight has put a blue cast on this.

@Craig: I didn't take any WIP photos while doing this. So not likely to do any sort of tutorial on this. I will say that I just used the basic idea from the GW tutorial and picked my own colors.

Mattias Darrow said...

Word on the Americana paints. I use them not only for all of my terrain, but also for my figures. When they're thinned out properly, they give an excellent finish, especially for the price.

Jerry said...


I agree. I've used a lot of them for those "niche" colors that I don't want to spend a lot of money on. It does take a lot coats to get the coverage. As you said the price can't be beat, and the range is really nice.