Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Other Blog

OK, true confessions time.  I'm cheating on you guys with another blog.  There, I've said it.  And I'm afraid that my other blog might be unacceptable to you, as it's only tangentially related to mini games.  Oh my.  This is getting serious.

For the few of you who actively read my blog, you might know that I enjoy solo gaming with a lot of my minis.  I picked up Mythic's Game Master Emulator (GME) as a means to help run the "NPC opponent"  in these games.  Of course it was only a mater of time before I used GME for it's intended purpose: RPGs.

What started as a small experiment for me with the GME turned into a full blown game.  I've been playing a series of Dark Heresy games (hence the tangential connection to this blog)  using the GME.  It has been a blast and I'm going to stick with it.  To that end, I created a blog to specifically address my solo gaming activities.

I invite you to check out my other blog, Solosaurus.  It's very new and there are not a lot of posts to read.  However, my first complete story arc of a Dark Heresy game is recorded there in a few posts.  Click on the Dark Heresy label to get all the posts.  I've written up all the sessions, really almost becoming 40K fan fiction.  I was finding my way with this at first, but have settled into a stable format now.

If you like what you find, please consider following the blog.  I'll be starting up a new story arc for Dark Heresy, and plan on doing Deathwatch very soon.  I'm also looking forward to Black Crusade, if it ever gets released.  This just opens the door to uber-geekdom, and I've done a bit of Pathfinder and am seriously considering Call of Cthulhu.  If I find a good pulp adventure RPG, I might go there too.  Anyways, please have a look!


Drunken Samurai said...

Oh. My. Gawd! What are you thinking? Next think you know there will be some silly card game blog. Then the cosplay blog [shudder].

Ya know, I just remembered that I have a couple of other blogs but mine are about serious stuff.

Jerry said...

Thanks for understanding, DS! I can't wait to share my Sailor Moon cosplay blog. But I'm working on my Pokemon blog right now; so it might have to wait.

Dogui said...

Im already following your other blog, without knowing it was you. Feels... so dirty.


Da Green Skins said...

For a second I thought you were going to tell me you started LARPing.

Jerry said...

@dogui: Thanks for following. That is quite a coincidence!

@DGS: I am an incredible geek, capable of great acts of geekdom. But, man, not LARP!

Tim Kulinski said...

Dude, First it starts with Solo mini gaming, than moves to solo RPG, next it will be Solo LARPing. I can just see it, you will be dressing up as a ton of characters!!!LOL