Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Space Marine is Here!

I just got the new Space Marine game for Xbox 360 tonight.  I lucked out and got it as a rental from my Gamefly queue.  This almost never happens with new releases.  My son is actually playing it first, and I have the easier job of just watching.  Actually it's just as well, since I suck at shooters and you're really just moving through a linear story anyway.  So watching is cool with me. Let someone else press the buttons.

I've watched about 90 minutes of game play.  I will say that the graphics are spectacular..... and tremendously bloody.  This is just the sort of game that will help fuel those "video games lead to violent behavior" pundits.  I suppose the next chainsaw accident involving a teen will be tied back to watching Space Marines eviscerate hordes of Orks with chainswords.

At any rate, they've done a great job capturing a forge world under siege.  The Ultramarines are deployed to deal with the Xenos threat (Orks) and to recover a Titan that is on the forge world. The Marines are perfectly modeled, practically look like real people.  The Imperial Guard are less impressive.  The Orks are spot on, including that ape-like gait I imagined that they should have.  I do get a little tired of them screaming "Space Marines!  Kill 'em!"  over and over. 

The Orks attack in massive hordes, and you only have three space marines to counter them.  In a real game of 40K those space marines would be pulped seven times over.  But in this video game, they are truly gods among men.  One chainsword  slash liquefies about five Orks at once.  Awesome.

So you know where I'll be for the next several days!  If you can, get your hands on this game and give it a shot.  It's also available on PC, if you don't have an Xbox. 


Da Green Skins said...

Don't hurt the Orks, they did nothing to you.

Jerry said...

Sir, this game gives so many special moves to kill Orks that I've lost count. You might think the game designers had something against greenskins.....